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I am unable to find any information regarding image size and quality

I am unable to find any information on your site with regard to the image size and quality and I am seeking a high resolution version of this image.

The more light there is in the photo, the better the resolution will be. The following message is on the ADD TO CART page prior to making a purchase.

Please note: Pictures captured with dark clouds or in the low light at dawn may have a resolution too low for some enlargements.

Hi Sharnie,

Here is a larger file. Let me know if this one is still a problem with specific details of the file you wanted to print.

Thank you for your order and have a great day!

Kind regards


How long before I will be able to download my order?

Your order is available for download SOON AS YOUR PAYMENT IS MADE. Your confirmation email will be sent to your inbox complete with your Order number – then follow these steps to download your purchase together with the your free gifts.

STEP 1. Log In to Capturing with your email address, enter your password or YOUR ORDER NUMBER displayed on your receipt. Then click on the grey LOGIN button and your orders will appear.

STEP 2. Click on the order number for the current order and you will be taken to your purchase, together with YOUR PROMISED FREE GIFTS – all ready to download.

STEP 3. Click on each individual item one by one and you will be given the option to OPEN WITH or SAVE the file….

STEP 4. Click on the SAVE file button and then click OK and the file will be downloaded automatically to your computer – if you don’t know where the files were saved to, check your DOWNLOADS folder.

Why is the price for your photos in US Dollars

Although most of our photos are from Australia, many people from around the world regularly visit our site and USD is the most accepted currency for all.

Which location are these pictures taken?

I try to choose a location I haven’t been to in past years so each day has a good variety to choose from.

When you click on a photo to enlarge it, you will see the location of the photo and my diary notes for the morning so you can get a better understanding of how your chosen morning unfolded.

How do I search for specific dates and where were they taken?

It’s very simple to investigate your inquiries. All you need to do is click here –

Choose the day and month you are requesting – Click on the Find Sunrise Photos button – scroll down to the year you are seeking – click on individual photos in your inquiry to see which location they were taken from, together with my photographic notes for each day.

Do I have sunrise pics in more than one area?

Because there is only one of me, I can only capture the sunrise I’m witnessing.

Capturing Sunrise Terms of Sale terms and conditions

• Licence and non-assignable right to use the Licensed Photograph(s) on the Product(s) as outlined in the Purchase Form.  Your Products will be delivered in accordance with the terms of the separate contract of sale agreed between You and Capturing in accordance with the Capturing Sunrise Product Purchase Policy.

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• may notify You that the Licensed Photograph(s) are no longer available for use under this Agreement and upon such notification the Licence granted herein shall automatically and immediately terminate.  Your sole remedy for recalled Licensed Photograph(s) shall be, at’s discretion, the replacement of such recalled Licensed Photograph with another Licensed Photograph or refund of the Licence Fee or portion of such Licence Fee to the extent attributable to such recalled Licensed Photograph.

• You must comply with any restriction on use or other reasonable direction notified to You by before, after or at the time of delivery of the Products.

• The copyright in the Photograph(s) remains the property of either or the Contributors (as the case may be) with the latter represented by at all times.

Warranty and limitation of liability

• makes no warranty, express or implied, in relation to the Licensed Photograph(s) or the Products including, without limitation, any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.  Neither nor its Contributors shall be liable to You or any other person or entity by reason of any representation (unless fraudulent) or any implied warranty, condition or other term, or any duty at common law, or under the express terms of this Agreement for any loss of profit or any indirect, special or consequential loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims (whether caused by the negligence of, its servants or agents or otherwise) which arises out of or in connection with this Agreement.’s maximum liability arising out of or in connection with Your use of or inability to use the Licensed Photograph(s) or Products (whether in contract, tort or otherwise) shall, to the extent permitted by law, be limited to the Licence Fee paid by You for the relevant Licensed Photograph(s).
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Limitation of liability

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• in the case of goods: (A) the replacement of the goods or the supply of equivalent goods; (B) the
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• in the case of services: (A) the supply of the services again; or (B) the payment of the cost of having services supplied again.

• Subject to our obligations under any implied conditions and warranties referred to in paragraph (a)(iii), our maximum aggregate liability for all claims under or relating to these terms and conditions or their subject matter, whether in contract, tort (including without limitation negligence), in equity, under statute, under an indemnity or on any other basis, is limited to A$100. In calculating our aggregate liability under this clause, the parties must include any amounts paid or the value of any goods or services replaced, repaired or supplied by us for a breach of the implied conditions and warranties referred to in paragraph (a)(iii).
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