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Elaine Costin

“Would you like to receive a limited edition sunrise photo absolutely FREE?”

Right now I’m distributing a COMPLIMENTARY SUNRISE IMAGE to people who recommend my site to their friends, so if like what you see and tell your family and friends about, as a thank you I’ll send you one of my FAVOURITE sunrise pics not available via this website, ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Its very simple, here’s how it works:

All you need to do is email your friends and work colleagues about this website, being careful to also include this address: [email protected] so I know to send your free sunrise to you. You don’t even need to have made a purchase today!

There’s no catch and I promise I’ll not contact your friends or share their email addresses with anyone. The best thing is that this offer will then transfer to them so they can also receive a FREE sunrise pic! If they recommend Capturing Sunrise to their friends – be careful to include [email protected] in the email so I know they’ve promoted my site, I’ll send one of my favourite sunrise images to them as a thank you for helping me spread the word.

How easy is that!

You don’t even need to create the email because I’ve done that for you. Here is a suggested script to make it easy on you – if you like you can just copy and paste the following script into your email to your friends or write one of your own:

I’ve just found a new website which offers pics of every sunrise of the year! You can see how your birthday, wedding anniversary, engagement or any special morning began and download the photo for just $5.00 as a memory of the days you celebrate.

Navigating the site was dead easy and there are no strings attached – A complete money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied and you get to keep your purchase and the 3 bonus gifts they throw in…from $5!

To begin searching for the sunrise that was your special day, click on this link:

(Add anything else you want to include) and send it off and your FREE SUNRISE PIC will be on its way to you with my appreciation.

Click here to continue finding your special sunrises!

Elaine Costin