Nothing to worry about...

Posted by Elaine July 25, 2011 at 12:00 AM AEST

As I sat here by the river editing this morning’s sunrise images I glanced up to see that the water level in the river had reduced considerably.

As I continued to look, I could see small fish of different species congregating together in the shallows all facing the same way – head first into the outgoing tide, waiting for their meal flow to them.
This fascinated me because I’d never seen it before but then I remembered other occasions where I’d witnessed nature being catered so beautifully for:

I’ve often seen tiny fish beached on the sand and seagulls enjoying an easy feed.

And one day recently as we drove up the beach we saw a very large salmon beached by the waves and a huge wedge tailed eagle taking advantage of such a delicious feast freshly served up to him.

Then yesterday as we headed up the highway I saw many birds of prey feasting on animals dead on the side of the road.

All this reminds me of what Jesus said about our tendency to worry over what we don’t have. In the Bible Jesus said:

“Don’t fuss about what’s on the table at mealtimes or if the clothes in your closet are in fashion.
There is far more to your inner life than the food you put in your stomach, more to your outer appearance than the clothes you hang on your body.

Look at the ravens, free and unfettered, not tied down to a job description, carefree in the care of God. And you count far more.

“Has anyone by fussing before the mirror ever gotten taller by so much as an inch?
If fussing can’t even do that, why fuss at all?

Walk into the fields and look at the wildflowers. They don’t fuss with their appearance – but have you ever seen color and design quite like it? The ten best-dressed men and women in the country look shabby alongside them.

If God gives such attention to the wildflowers, most of them never even seen, don’t you think he’ll attend to you, take pride in you, do his best for you? "What I’m trying to do here is get you to relax, not be so preoccupied with getting so you can respond to God’s giving.

People who don’t know God and the way he works fuss over these things, but you know both God and how he works.

Steep yourself in God-reality, God-initiative, God-provisions. You’ll find all your everyday human concerns will be met. Don’t be afraid of missing out. You’re my dearest friends! The Father wants to give you the very kingdom itself.

“Be generous. Give to the poor. Get yourselves a bank that can’t go bankrupt, a bank in heaven far from bankrobbers, safe from embezzlers, a bank you can bank on.
Taken from the Message Bible passage in Luke 12:21-33

I love the lessons nature has to teach us. All we need to do is look!

Please share this message and do your part to help advance the Kingdom of Heaven!

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