A whisper from Heaven

Posted by Elaine February 12, 2011 at 12:00 AM AEDT

Blog Image My beloved one,

I see your loneliness and fears, the guilt you feel over wrong choices and the pain you’ve suffered. I see your endless search for love and fulfilment ….

When you come to the end of your understanding you’ll hear my voice. Listen carefully amid the noise of the world and you will hear…

I created you to be just who you are and you are lovely in my eyes. I shed my blood for you to make you clean. Criticising yourself only leads to frustration. Give yourself completely to me and love yourself simply because I love you. Don’t be concerned about your life, that’s my responsibility.

Don’t allow others to control you. Look to me for the answers to tough questions about life and I’ll be your shepherd. Trust me each day, each step you take. Resting in my love you’ll be free to be yourself.

Be aware of my presence in everything. I’m waiting to guide you if you’ll allow me. I offer you patience, love, joy, peace and safety in the hard times.

If you cease your own striving and follow me, like a caterpiller becomes a butterfly, I will have the joy of transforming you into the one I planned for you to be when I created you. Blog Image

Your existence is no mistake and this world would be less without you.

Keep your eyes on me and me alone. Relax in my love. I know what you need before you ask and I know what’s best for you.

Follow me leading and let my love flow through you, spilling over to all you touch. My will is perfect and my love for you is sufficient for everything the future holds for you.

I’m as close as a prayer away and I’ll never let you down.