Does Science Prove everything?

Posted by Elaine January 11, 2019 at 12:00 AM AEDT

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I will never think like a scientist, I’m not clever enough for that, but when I’ve thought about Charles Darwin’s theory of why we’re here I’ve often wondered…

If we came from apes, why are there still apes about?
As I gaze upon a rose or a sprig of lavender and breathe in it’s amazing scent I wonder, how a catastrophic event could create this?
And why does the ocean roll into shore but stay within it’s borders. What holds it back?

There are so many other questions in my mind about how the theory of a big bang, could result in this world of perfect order.

Do you like me ever question this theory taught and accepted as truth?

After experiencing the personal realities of God all my life I’m way too far into what He says to every doubt His Word. That wouldn’t even make sense when He’s proved His promises over and over again to me, but this but this morning I found this video shared on YouTube by timpoiu and published on Feb 6, 2012 talking about science that make perfect sense to me.

It contains an amazing list of five different areas of life and knowledge that science cannot really explain. From a debate between Dr. William Lane Craig vs Dr. Peter Atkins.

1. Scientific assumptions
2. Metaphysical truths
3. Ethical beliefs of right and wrong
4. Beauty
5. Science itself has many unprovable assumptions – watch this then see what you think…

It is possible to accept as truth something that doesn’t relate to reality when others believe it’s true.

The Bible’s account of our existence is not the popular choice for most people, but the Bible is the blueprint for our existence. When we follow what it says our life is blessed, when we discard the Bible and live by our own choices we make mistakes. Without God, the scope of our understanding is only based on what we feel, what we’ve heard or what we’ve learned from experiences in the past.

Though it’s only a theory, many have decided Darwin’s theory of evolution is truth, how about you?
What do you believe is true? Do you know what God says about this beautiful world we live in?

In the book of Genesis in the Bible (God’s Word) He states this about how we came to be:

If I didn’t know from personal experience that the Bible holds truth I wouldn’t have written this blog. By opening your mind to even the possiblity that God created you, loves you completely and wants to bring forgiveness, hope, peace and personal guidance through life you will begin your journey to discovering the truth!

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