I'll praise you in this storm

Posted by Elaine October 03, 2015 at 12:00 AM AEST

Trusting God when it hurts, when it doesn’t make sense, when we can’t see a way out without God, that’s truly saying God I believe in You… and that’s when God steps in and takes away the pain.
This powerful song was written and performed by Mark Hall, lead singer in this group Casting Crowns.

I was one of those who responded when Mark asked his fans for prayer earlier when doctors found a solid mass on his right kidney and God answered those prayers. The doctors successfully removed the cancerous growth and he’s heading back home again. Glory Hallelujah!!"

Melanie said the cancer was classified as the nuclear level 3 cell type, which is aggressive. That means it was active and ready to spread to other parts of Hall’s body. “This just makes all of this even more of a miracle,” Melanie said. “I wish that I could explain in words how much of a miracle it was, but it would take too many words.”

Melanie pointed to three circumstances that allowed doctors to find the tumor. First, Casting Crowns is normally never off in March—but was this year. Hall was not experiencing any tumor-related symptoms—gastric problems took him to the doctor. And doctors don’t routinely order CT scans with contrast for physicals.

“God was at work in this before we had any idea. He is good that way. We are thankful for His mercy and grace. We are thankful that He chose to answer our requests in this way,” Melanie said.

“I know that not everyone’s stories have the desired ending. But I also know that God desires us to trust Him with it all anyway. Even still, He says He will work it all together for our good. Thank you again for your continued prayers. For us, in this, the war is won but we still have to fight the recovery battle.”

So once again, trusting God works…
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