He's On His Way

Posted by Elaine December 31, 2022 at 12:00 AM AEDT

This morning before dawn, it was already plain to see
That the sky was about to bring us a spectacular display
And I wasn’t left long waiting before the sky turned red to gold
With the arrival of the sunrise in splendid colour, so bold.

Flaming clouds of glory was the way of sunrise today,
With this spectacularly amazing, wildly colourful display

Each sunrise is to draw us towards the supernatural, above
Where God asks us to please find Him and His supernatural love.
I don’t know for certain but I expect we’ll see this kind of beauty much more.
Before the God of all Creation returns to even up the score.

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As hatred, sadness, suicide, become more common every day
The saints of God are praying you find God’s better way!
Right now’s the time to stop and think, to ponder what you believe
While His voice speaks deep within you, set aside all you perceive.

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God’s plan is none of us, be ever left behind
And right now He holds back before returning for His kind
He plans for a heaven filled with as many as go His way.
And He waits right now for you, if you still turn your face away.

The choice is yours to be His child, or to live life your own way
But when He returns you’ll be left out if you’ve only lived your way.
Look up to Him with open eyes while He’s still waiting near
Ask Him to reveal Himself, there’s nothing there to fear.

And take His chosen ones with Him into His promised land
To heaven’s mansion, He’s already prepared for us beforehand.
Are you one who’ll be eternally united with a One who died for you
Or will you wish you’d accept His love when it was time for you?

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Each sunrise and sunset are there to draw us to something more
Than all of our frustrations and our dream for something sure
That all of our days struggles aren’t what matters in the end
As God speaks to remind us that He’s here to be us friend.

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Instead of peering in from the shadows, take a leap and you will see
That your best years are ahead when your soul is ultimately set free!