Mistletoe Madness

Posted by Elaine July 12, 2012 at 12:00 AM AEST

As we drove along the Central Australian desert highway one particular tree caught my eye. This tree had obviously once been tall and thriving but now it stood lifeless with several dead mistletoes attached. The vast land along this highway is full of dead trees laden with mistletoe so what is the purpose of such a destructive life form as mistletoe?

A Google search told me mistletoe is a parasite – one that derives some or all of its sustenance from another plant and cannot complete its life cycle without exploiting a suitable host. Using mainly water and mineral nutrients from the host tree, these plants can grow up to 2 feet inside the host branch. They injure and can eventually kill both themselves and the host in the process. If it cannot obtain a host it will fail to reproduce.

Since the 16th Century in England Mistletoe was commonly used as a Christmas decoration when according to ancient Christmas custom, a man and a woman who meet under a hanging of mistletoe were obliged to kiss – not sure why….

Mistletoe can be flowering and beautiful and can sometimes appear the same the host tree, but on closer inspection mistletoe leaves snap easily unlike the host tree’s leaves that are subtle and strong.
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For mistletoe to thrive it needs to absorb nourishment from the host tree but in sucking the tree’s nourishment it kills the tree…. and in sucking all the life from the host tree it can no longer sustain life for itself resulting in death of the mistletoe.

In life we can be lured by the appeal of a ‘quick fix’ from substances like alcohol, drugs etc that appear the real and even attractive answer to solve a problem or a means to help us forget our reality…. but like mistletoe they offer nothing real and can increase the problem and lead to the destruction of us.

This world offers all kinds of ‘attractive’ things to make life better but often when we have them we find they’re not what we thought they’d be but our innate desire is to keep looking for what can make life worthwhile.

Sometimes through no fault of our own life can bring devastation to us and its difficult to know which way to turn. That’s where God comes in – through Jesus, He promises:

Acceptance of us as we are – warts and all
Forgiveness of our past failures with a clean slate for the future
Mercy new every morning – we need that because we keep making mistakes
Assurance of a close relationship with God
Healing mind, body and soul – no more mind games
Wisdom for each day so we don’t make a wrong decision or take a wrong direction
The Bible – a guide containing God’s answers to every problem we will ever face
Safety and security with angels to watch over us
The Holy Spirit to speak to us deep inside, leading us in the right direction
Purpose – a reason to get up in the morning
Destiny – the reason we were created, with special gifts and talents unlike anyone else
Life better than we could dream of

A personal relationship with the one who created us, who will never disappoint us or let us down. And we don’t need to jump through hoops or prove ourself worthy before we’re accepted by God, He’s waiting and He’s as close as a prayer away.

Please share this message and do your part to help advance the Kingdom of Heaven!

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