Why Me Lord?

Posted by Elaine February 01, 2019 at 12:00 AM AEDT

What have I ever done to deserve all the kindness you show?

I was surprised to see this video had more to offer than just an entertaining song. Chris Kristofferson shared what caused him to write this song, an awesome testimony of how God can move someone so deeply that they say yes even when they didn’t mean to.

Hearing his story reminded me of a similar experience I had while under the power of the Holy Spirit that is as real today as ever!

Listen here as he shares his story…

If you’ve never had this experience and you’d like to feel the presence of God around you, Jesus is just a prayer away. Like any great relationship, the nearer you get to Jesus, the nearer He’ll be to you!

Enjoy this testimony and have a beautiful day!
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