Beauty From Ashes

Posted by Elaine August 06, 2018 at 12:00 AM AEST

According to the news a group of children could be behind a ferocious bushfire that closed a major thoroughfare in one direction, threatening homes on the New South Wales’ Central Coast. The bushfire spread quickly through the bone-dry bushland, frightening residents and coming within metres of homes, as desperate wildlife fled for their lives.

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These four photos were all captured on the same morning and I was glad I was there as the spectacle unfolded. It wasn’t long before the sun was hidden again as the sky returned to grey but I was reminded as I watched that the only reason the sky was red this morning was because of the pollution.

We’d all like to seen them brought to justice, these young ones suspected of beginning this devastation, but we’ve all done things we aren’t proud of, things we wouldn’t want to share with others. We’re all guilty but no matter how wrong we’ve been and no matter how much we’ve ‘polluted’ our past, we will never be too bad or too far gone for God’s love to reach us and catapult us into our destiny!

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With so much smoke in the air at dawn this morning, the arrival of the sun transformed the grey darkness into a bright red and spectacular display!

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Just like pollution in the atmosphere is transformed with the hand of God, our life can also become a thing of beauty when we surrender ourselves to Him.

God waits patiently on the sidelines, continuing to create beauty all around us as He gently whisperers through His creation, I love you, you are not alone, I sent Jesus to die for you so that you could be my child. He speaks deep into our being, urging us to invite Jesus into our lives so He can forgive us for everything that’s wrong in our heart, with our desires, our motives. H wants to wipe away the mess we’ve made of ourselves, and transform us into the person we were meant to be.

Once we say yes to Jesus, others will see the difference and wonder why you’ve changed because we are systematically recreated into something more wonderful than we could ever imagine. We finally fit into our unique design with the gifts and talents we’ve been blessed now fully activated, we just have to say yes to Jesus to let this process begin.

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Just like this morning’s sunrise, we can become strikingly more wonderful than we could ever be without God in our lives and the struggles we’ve endured become steps to hurl us forward towards fulfilling our reason for being, so why not give Him a try? How can we connect with God? Follow this link to learn more

The blood Jesus shed gives you life beyond your past.

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