An Old Gun & The Voice Of God

Posted by Elaine July 16, 2016 at 12:00 AM AEST

How this gun brought a miracle from God…
A Christian man was shopping at a garage sale. He was talking to the lady running the sale. He discovered that she was selling her husbands things. Her husband had passed away. The man said that he was interested in buying guns and the lady said, “My husband has an old shotgun that he kept under the bed and I certainly don’t have any use for it.” She brought it out for him to see. His eyes almost popped out of his head. The shotgun was a very high grade collector’s item. He asked how much she might be willing to sell it for and she said, “Would a hundred dollars be too much to ask?” He said he was trying to figure out what he should say and she said, “How about fifty?” He quickly pulled out his wallet and gave her the fifty dollars.

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He was headed for the car cradling his new treasure when he heard a still small voice. “Did you buy that or did you steal it?”
He said he made the longest trip he had ever made in his life as he walked back to the garage. He said, “Ma’am, I’m a Christian and I need to make this right. This shotgun is probably worth more money than I have in this world. There are people who would give you a lot of money for it. I need to give this back to you.” She said, “I wouldn’t know how to sell it. You seem to know all about it. If you’ll sell it for me I’ll split whatever you get out of it with you.”

He said it took him two hours to find a dealer who paid five thousand dollars for the shotgun. As he counted the money out to her she began to cry and then he began to cry. She said, “I was hoping to make a few dollars to make my house payment this month. Now this is going to pay my house off.” She offered him half and he turned her down. He said, “We’ll call it square if you’ll go to church with me and my wife this Sunday.” She still goes to his church. Amazing how God can use a shot gun to bring a person back to Him.

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