Miracle on the sand

Posted by Elaine April 19, 2015 at 12:00 AM AEST

It seemed like everything was against me this morning as I attempted to capture the emerging sun…

As I drove off for sunrise the sky was already beginning to colour up and as soon as I arrived at the beach I took a few pics before my battery went flat so I changed it to a replacement battery, but this battery wouldn’t work either which I didn’t understand because my replacement battery had been charged, so why wasn’t it working? I hurried back to the car to get my other camera which wasn’t there, so I had no alternative but to drive back home and get it.

When I found my second camera I checked it was working and headed back to my car, deciding to transfer the memory stick from my camera to this one but in my haste I opened up the battery cover instead of the memory stick cover??

The battery cover dropped to the floor of the car. This hadn’t happened before and because I didn’t have my contact lens in I couldn’t see if it was broken or how to replace it so I asked my husband to put it on for me. He said it wouldn’t make any difference to the performance of the camera and told me to go without it so I did.

But when I returned to the beach, this camera wouldn’t work either. I returned to home for the second time to get the battery cover put on in the hope that this would fix the problem. Meanwhile the sun was already emerging from the top of the clouds and I could see a beautiful rainbow in the west that without a camera I couldn’t capture.

With the battery cover back on the camera was fixed I rushed back to the beach for the third time, blessed to find God had covered the sun with cloud again so I could capturing it re-emerging! I got some pretty shots then returned home and put them on line – God is so good!

As I finished uploading, Col told me I had lost the cover for my first camera! Two battery covers had come off this morning, something that have not happened before today, I didn’t even know they came off. This explained why my second charged battery hadn’t worked, but where was my battery cover? I felt confident that it wasn’t lost so we checked in the car but it wasn’t there.

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I knew I had to return to the beach for the 4th time to find my missing part on the sand. It was difficult to find parking now because a surf carnival had set up under the pine trees and people were everywhere. I eventually found a place to park and rushed back to the place where I’d taken the first pics praying as I ran, that God would bring it to the surface if it had been lost so I could find it.

I headed to where I thought I should look but out of the corner of my eye was a black thing on the sand, my battery cover was intact and sitting there on the edge of where the waves were washing in, just waiting for me. I didn’t even have to spend time finding it, God had it waiting there for me. Feeling totally blessed I returned home to get ready for church.

This morning I was at church on time, I had suitable sunrise pics so I didn’t need to go out this afternoon to try and get sunset and all was well. I all along believed Satan didn’t like the blog I was creating and he once again tried to put a This wasn’t Friday 13th it was Sunday 13th and God is in control!…. and there’s a blog right there, another blog about how much we can trust God!