Weathered and worn

Posted by Elaine June 08, 2018 at 12:00 AM AEST

I stood at sunset drinking in the beauty as the sun slipped away.
These rock formations were named the 12 Apostles because there were 12 of them standing proud along the coastline when they were first named.

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Created over time by severe wind, rain and huge seas that pound this coastline, there are only a few remnants left from when this land separated from the mainland here in the National Marine Park in Victoria, on the southern coast of Australia.

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People from all over the world come here to watch the changing scene at sunset and sunrise as their beauty unfolds.

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None of us escapes hard times, we all go through suffering sometimes and we can also be stunted and find it hard to cope, but these hard times can also shape us if we learn from our experiences. We can by our struggles be moulded into someone better equipped to face the next struggle.

Under circumstances, we can suffocate, but when we look to Jesus to supply our comfort we find faith growing in our heart and in our life. You see, it’s not great faith in God that we need, but faith in a great God.

When we learn how to deal with our problems God’s way, we can also give a hand up to others and that makes life worth living for them and us, transforming us into agents of beauty, beauty from pain.

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As I stand here overlooking one of the world’s most beautiful coastlines I’m personally blessed by the beauty these scarred creations have become!

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The trials we go through are there to shape our character not bring us down. Like a mattress we’re meant to be on it, not under it.

If you care please share this message and help to bring light and hope to someone else’s world!
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