Never The Same Again

Posted by Elaine March 26, 2022 at 12:00 AM AEDT

It’s been a while now since an Australian man killed 50 In New Zealand.
An Australian citizen, a white supremacist with motives I just can’t comprehend has attacked worshippers in a Muslim mosque recently, killing and maiming many.

I’ve been trying not to join many others in social media who are taking this opportunity to share news of Christians also being slaughtered around the world because of their faith.

New Zealand’s massacre, as horrific as it was, had NOTHING to do with the slaughter of Christians so it seemed to me like a cheap shot, almost saying that somehow the New Zealand massacre was justified because…

There can never be justification for this kind of terrorism… But this week I heard a Muslim leader asking why this unnamed gunman hadn’t been reported as a Christian in news reports! A Christian?
How did we get caught up in this?

Why has my personal belief been coupled with this horror?

So many are blind to the realities of Christianity! This man’s beliefs and actions are as far removed from Christianity as you can get. His belief system is from the pit of hell. Most people would agree with me in that, so I’m wondering…

Why have the convictions of Christians been discussed on talk shows and news in this country when talking about the actions of this one man?

Why, when atrocities against Christians are a regular occurrence in other countries, are the lives of Christians being slaughtered in their millions for simply believing in the sacrifices of Jesus who died for our salvation and peace is considered less of an atrocity?

This man believed he had a good cause,
So convinced after studying the actions of Anders Behring Breivik, a Norwegian far-right terrorist who committed the 2011 Norway attacks, he said: ‘I decided to take a stand’!
He wrote a 74-page manifesto, apparently stating what he believed and the reason for his actions.

Beginning with the words, ‘let the party begin’ he videoed his actions during the attack, to make sure he was noticed.

Why is the death of people with one belief less newsworthy than the death of one with another?

Can anyone make sense of this?

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It is becoming a lot less popular to believe anything about God.
To stand up for something good is being outlawed. Christians are being targetted.
Why would anyone become a Christian when they will be under attack?

“To believe in God is to be able to see that He has all power and all might over evil, for God does not just sit idly by, carelessly observing the suffering of His creatures. No—He enters into our suffering. He shares in our suffering.” – Dr. Michael Youssef

So what does God say about all this?