Walk in God's Light

Posted by Elaine August 31, 2023 at 12:00 AM AEST

At sunrise I returned to a place I’ve not been to for a while,
To find the scene was different with clear pathways, not my style
It was a lot more ‘tidy’ with some trees and shrubs cleared away.
So my enthusiasm was dampened, what could capture today?

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Then I walked a little further up the winding beach way path
And found a new location with much more of what I’d ask.
In black darkness with my flash, I began to capture the scene
And discovered hovering dead branches that the council had not seen.

It was just what I hoped for, dead trees filled with light
Bringing interest to my pics that would otherwise have stayed out of sight.
In my joy and my attention I loved how my camera’s flashing light
Had changed my whole perspective as it showed me what was right

In the stillness as I wait for each sunrise to shine through
Its the perfect place to think about what God would love to do
I see again His love for us that will never fade away
As He waits within the silence to speak to us each day.

It reminded me of how the light of God to anyone will come
When we realise our weakness and decide we’re all but done
This light that brings salvation isn’t conjured from within.
But its the way out of our trials when we say yes to Him.

The light that I experience comes straight from heaven above,
Sent by a heavenly Father on a beam of perfect love
And the joy comes from knowing that you’re on the winning team,
Forever safe from wondering, when on Jesus you choose to lean.

Are you standing in the dark or are you walking in the light?
Do you cringe when troubles come or do you stand confident to fight?
Do you embrace God’s forgiveness that offers you a new path to tread
Or do you worry that your worst fear will finally bring you dread?

When you walk in God’s favour not bought with actions of your own
You find the joy of just accepting that Jesus is on the throne
And He knows that you are restless and He waits to bring His care
When you’re lost within deep darkness of your fear and despair.

In a world that chooses to stumble with no answer or end in sight
Are you one who waits and wonders if you should reject God’s awesome light

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Are you safe in the promises that God’s in control with hope to sustain you when trouble is at your door

Or do the lies in your head say you’re worthless, with no escape from the pain in your soul?

When our troubles surround us and it seem too overwhelming to stand and fight
When the way ahead seems so black that we’re surrounded by deep dark night.