For our freedom

Posted by Elaine April 25, 2024 at 12:00 AM AEST

For our freedom
It’s clear the One who stilled the waters is the One who cares today
Blessing us with this glorious sunrise to commemorate the day
that young strangers who left their homeland to fight
for our freedom, our security, our peace and our rights.

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May we never forget their courage or their determination to win
As we revel in this freedom that so many lost their lives to bring.
And thank you for their families and the price they had to pay
Farewelling loved ones off to battle, no matter what they had to say.

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May we never forget this freedom or their supreme love display
As willingly they went, understanding the cost they might have to pay

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And in our peaceful homeland, may we never take for granted
that our peace compelled young men to fight and die…
so our peace might be granted. EB 2024

And in our peace may we not forget
To pray for all the others – In the midst of war, surrounded by fear and death and destruction.

May you be close to those who are experiencing the real costs of war right now
May you sustain them, give divine courage to all on the ground now fighting
And please Lord, intervene in the hearts of those who wield this waring power, may they see the futility that war brings and bring peace to their lands again. Amen

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