A Balanced Life

Posted by Elaine June 15, 2022 at 12:00 AM AEST

The evil one will do all he can to get us off track if we decide to be sold out to Jesus because if you can be sidetracked you will no longer be a threat to him.

John 3 16
That u might have life to the full

When we first get a revelation of God’s love for us no matter what we’ve done, when we realise we aren’t living the way we should and make a decision to accept Jesus forgiveness as our saviour, we get a full dose of the Holy Spirit and want to know all about this nee journey we’re on.

But after a while, we can start to lose the interest if we don’t keep investing our time to read His Word and get to know Him. That’s when we enter the danger zone with many falling away.

We can find verses in the Bible to support our belief whatever that is..
No-one can take them out of my hand
Grace verses that give a false sense of security when taken out of context like:

Not of works lest anyone should boast… Can be misinterpreted, resulting in a false sense of God is so awesome I can just sit back and drink in His love. I don’t have to do anything because Jesus did it all.

The sacrifice of Jesus paid for our redemption, and acceptance into His family, the price paid in full, but what does it mean to be in His family?
Can we take our place then do our best to live by the 10 commandments and one day live with Jesus in heaven? Is that all there is?

If we don’t take time to read His Word we will never know the truth and it’s the truth that sets us free!

God says that no-one can pluck us out of His hand so we’re safe to trust Him, but we still have a free will. We can still choose to renig on our commitment and go back to our old life again.
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God is not mocked, whatsoever we sow we will reap.

So how can we know we’re on the right track?

The Bible also says that to some He will say, ’Depart from me because I never knew you"…

How do we know for sure?

The only way is to get to know God personally through reading His Word, listening to what He says and being obedient when He asks something of you. Like any relationship, it will only be as good as the time invested in it and like some relationships don’t last, the same is true for a Christian.

Dont be a lazy Christian. Responsibility comes with our commitment. God’s desire is not just to have you in His family. He lives everyone
That no man should perish.
There’s no time to sit on our hands and just bask in His love, we have work to do!

Matthew 6:21 The Passion Translation (TPT)
For your heart will always pursue what you value as your treasure.

If we get off course and remove God as the central figure in our lives we will pay the price
He who shrinks back

It’s not about us, it’s about a lost and hurting humanity that also needs His love.. and it’s our job to reach them. That’s God’s heart.

Go into all the world He said and preach the gospel.

That’s not as hard as it sounds. All we have to do is listen to Him and do what He asks, that’s it!

He may ask you to do this us you could never imagine doing.. but He will never ask us to something we aren’t equipped for, and at first you will say no… but if your heart is to follow Jesus and you take that courageous first step of obedience you will step over that invisible mountain into the true reality of Gods plan for you, with the road ahead way better than you could ever have imagined, in awe of the
privilege God has bestowed on you and as Joyce Meyer once said, “You will never be completely happy until you’re in the place you were designed to be!”

A time is coming when Jesus will judge the world, revealing what is most important to Him but we don’t have to wait ‘til then to find out His heart. Matthew has been clear in explaining what God’s plan for the world is in the story of the sheep and the goats…