About Same Sex relationships

Posted by Elaine July 09, 2013 at 12:00 AM AEST

Mark Gungor – National marriage speaker and creator of Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage shares some thoughts on gay marriage.

Is homosexuality wrong from a Biblical world view?

I believe the answer is “Yes”.

“But what if they love each other?”
Still wrong, just as two people who commit adultery are wrong, even if they truly love each other. Or a pair of fornicators are wrong doing the “wild thing” in the back of the car while howling at the moon – again, even if they are intensely professing their love for each other as they howl.

NOTE: Human love does not transcend God’s righteousness – ever.

Should we “impose” our values on others who do not agree??

Of course not, but I don’t believe that is what is happening here with gay marriage. This issue is brought up time and again for a vote from the people. People vote their values – its just that simple.

When a person votes for a democrat, they are not “imposing” their values on anyone. They are simply reflecting their values.

I don’t know of any Christian people who have imprisoned gays, beaten gays, or hated gays in any way. And if gays are granted the right to marry tomorrow it will not affect my faith in any way, shape or form. Nor will I be depressed and think the end of the world has come.

But if they ask me tomorrow to vote on the matter, I would vote “no” because that would reflect my values. If they asked me to vote on adultery or formication, I would also vote in the negative.

If the Supremes say that voting our view on this matter is somehow unconstitutional – so be it.

But if they don’t, don’t claim that people hate gays – people just vote their values. (By the way, this is not just a conservative Christian viewpoint. Most religious Muslims and Jews in the world would vote the same way. One of the few things we actually all agree on…)

I did not vote for Barak. It doesn’t mean I hate him or that I tried to “impose” Romney on anybody. Voting has always been about people reflecting their values in a democracy.

For those opposed: It is always amazing how hateful some “tolerant” people can be. If you disagree, please endeavor to keep your hate-filled rants and name-calling replies to a minimum.

Mark Gungor