Does Every Religion Lead To God?

Posted by Elaine March 08, 2017 at 12:00 AM AEDT

Can we find God in every religion?
Does it matter which one we choose?
Do they each have equal access to God?
Do we even need religion to find God?

I searched for God and found only myself.
I searched for myself and found only God ~ Sufi Proverb

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The second line of this proverb makes quite a statement, but this brings more questions than answers. God can be seen in the way each organ functions but can we truely find God within us?

If God is in us and God can do everything…
Why can’t we heal ourselves or find the cure for cancer no matter how passionately we try?
Why can’t we make someone love us, though we do all we can to love them?
Why do we all eventually die, whether we want to or not?
Why can’t we find instant answers to the question we have?
Amidst inner turmoil and the mind games that often follow, this kind of trust is it a sign of failure on our part when we can find God inside?

When Jehovah’s witnesses come calling they can be argumentative, even confrontational, with their religion, in their understanding, the only way to heaven. They recognise that parts of the Bible are written in figurative or symbolic language and are not to be understood literally which would explain why they have been wrong so many times. Here are prophecies they made that didn’t came to pass:

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So we’re all human and we all make mistakes, right?
…. but still Jehovah’s Witnesses go door to door trying to get others to follow them in their deception! Are they really looking to encourage people to love God and love the Bible?
Are they looking for people who will just blindly submit themselves to their doctrine?
Or do they fear being left behind if they don’t submit to door to door indoctrination?

And how do they react when they meet someone really excited about God and the Bible and they want to talk about it? Watch this…

Don’t worship a lie!
Our creator left us the blueprint for life in His Word has much to say about this:

I found the potter working at his wheel. But the jar that he was forming didn’t turn out as he wished, so he kneaded it into a lump and started again.

Then the Lord said: Can’t I do to you as this potter has done to his clay?
As the clay is in the potter’s hand, so are you in my hand. Jeremiah 18-19:13

You pretend to have the inside track.
You shut God out and work behind the scenes,
Plotting the future as if you knew everything,
acting mysterious, never showing your hand.
You have everything backward!
You treat the potter as a lump of clay.
Does a book say to its author,
“He didn’t write a word of me”?
Does a meal say to the woman who cooked it,
“She had nothing to do with this”? Isaiah 29:16

“Open up, heavens, and rain.
Clouds, pour out buckets of my goodness!
Loosen up, earth, and bloom salvation;
sprout right living.
I, God, generate all this.
But doom to you who fight your Maker—
you’re a pot at odds with the potter!
Does clay talk back to the potter:
‘What are you doing? What clumsy fingers!’
Would a sperm say to a father,
‘Who gave you permission to use me to make a baby?’
Or a fetus to a mother,
‘Why have you cooped me up in this belly?’”
Isaiah 45:9-10

Who in the world do you think you are to second-guess God? Romans 9:20

God left us guidelines for life in the Bible where He tells us there are no shortcuts to His favour.
And no other person on earth can replace His truth – there’s no other possibility to connect with God apart from Jesus.

Some have even tried to replace His Word with new teachings but the Bible makes it clear why we should not add to his words here:

“Don’t add a word to what I command you, and don’t remove a word from it. Keep the commands of God, your God, that I am commanding you.” Deuteronomy 4:2
Also Deuteronomy 12:32

Why? Because The entirety of Your word is truth – there is nothing more to be said:
Your words all add up to the sum total: Truth. Your righteous decisions are eternal Psalms 119: 160

“Every promise of God proves true; He protects everyone who runs to him for help.
So don’t second-guess him; He might take you to task and show up your lies.” Proverbs 30:6

If we don’t accept God’s Word and listen to what others say instead of getting the truth from His word can we still expect God who is a God of love to do as we ask? Why would God ask someone less God/Jesus to replace Him in interpreting what He wants?

I give fair warning to all who hear the words of the prophecy of this book: If you add to the words of this prophecy, God will add to your life the disasters written in this book; if you subtract from the words of the book of this prophecy, God will subtract your part from the Tree of Life and the Holy City that are written in this book. Revelation 22:18-19

The whole Bible was given to us by inspiration from God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realise what is wrong in our lives; it straightens us out and helps us do what is right. 2 timothy 3:16

For you to turn to God its as close as a prayer away:

Investigate my life, O God, find out everything about me; Cross-examine and test me, get a clear picture of what I’m about; See for yourself whether I’ve done anything wrong— then guide me on the road to eternal life. Psalm 139:23-24 MSG

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If you prayed that prayer, message me so that I can also pray for you.

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