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Posted by Elaine January 22, 2017 at 12:00 AM AEDT

Some believe everything came from nothing, what do you believe?
How can we be sure we’re on the right track?
I found this article from Atheism Fails interesting:

ATHEISM FAILS: Atheists believe everything came from nothing.
ATHEIST: The only people who say that Atheists say everything came from nothing are Christians.
CHRISTIAN: Then where do you say everything came from?

ATHEIST: The universe? Many hypothesis and mathematical models multiverse string theory super nova black hole I even heard a recent cube theory which said universes are popping in and out.

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ATHEISM FAILS: Okay, here we go. Notice how the Atheist isn’t saying everything came from nothing. No, it’s not from nothing! Of course! What was I thinking he meant?
Yeah, he’s saying the “universes” [already it’s gone to a presumably infinite number of universes, from the one it was originally],.. and now they are [just] ‘popping’ in and out’… [popping in and out of… well, presumably out of nothing?]

The interesting thing is that the Atheist, at this point, is probably feeling like he’s answered the question. All he’s done is made a bigger mess of nothing for his universe to have come from.

To paraphrase his answer in summary:
“The singular universe didn’t come from nothing, an infinite number of universes did, but because they are infinite, they didn’t come from nothing, they came from other universes.”

Are they actually teaching this sort of “thinking” in schools? If they are, we should send everyone home for the summer, lock the doors and burn the books. All of the books.
Don’t ya just love it when you say something like, “Atheists are unable to recognise or deal with the truth,” or “Atheists are not rational thinkers,” and one comes along within minutes or hours to provide evidence?

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As an example, you can say, “Atheists say everything came from nothing,” and one will come along and say, “Atheists don’t think that everything came from nothing.”

So you reply, “Where did everything come from,” and they say, “Well, there’s string theory,” or, “There’s multiverse,” or “I even heard a recent cube theory which said universes are popping in and out,” or some other nonsense that not only fails to explain where everything came from, but proves the Atheist doesn’t have a clue that he is proving TWO POINTS: that Atheists DO think everything came from nothing AND that they are not rational thinkers.

Just saying, “Because string theory” or “Because multiverse” or “Because pie are squared” does NOT answer the question of where all matter-energy came from. Atheists, is this way over your heads, or what? I honestly do not know how to simplify it further: “THINGS DO NOT JUST COME FROM NOTHING” and scientific laws AND logic support this statement, so Christians are not the irrational ones, Atheists are.

And when this simple concept flies right over your head, it’s a completely fair and reasonable statement to say that Atheists are not able to deal with the truth or are not rational thinkers.
Atheism Fails. Always.

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