Why 10 Commandments?

Posted by Elaine May 15, 2013 at 12:00 AM AEST

We are intelligent and can make our own choices… So why do we need such rules?

Because none of us are perfect and if left to our own devices we do what we feel like, good or bad.

But bad actions have a flow on effect, hurting those we effect as well as those around us, especially those we love, and no matter what people may say in our defence, that’s not good and can be life altering for the ones effected by our actions.

Because God knew that without His guidelines we’d make a serious mess of things ….see the world in the state its in right now and that’s what we’ve done…..

Here is a fun rendition of the Ten Commandments. … imagine how the world would improve if everyone began to value these commandments.

Redemption came at a great expense. Christ suffered so that you wouldn’t have to.

He hung your sin on His body so that you could get rid of sin today. Jesus was weighted down with the sins, not just of you, but of the world. Imagine the pressure and darkness of all that sin. It’s the weight of sin that held Him to the cross.

No matter what we’ve done, it was our sin that Jesus paid the price for. Let that sink in to your spirit, because the more personal Jesus becomes to you, the greater your capacity to say “no” when the devil or your own flesh comes calling.

But, it’s all a choice you have to make. You cannot be lukewarm and you cannot manipulate the scriptures to keep sinning. You’re either in or out, because frustrating the grace of God is unacceptable. Jesse Duplantis

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Read these verses here:
Psalm 68:19
2 Thessalonians 3:3
1 Peter 5:7
Jeremiah 31:3

That’s God’s heart for you, that’s how important you are!

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