'Til Death Us Do Part

Posted by Elaine February 06, 2021 at 12:00 AM AEDT

Thought about life after death lately?
The moment of death is something we’ll all face but most of us don’t want to think about it.

Here on the Gold Coast we were confronted again this past week of how fleeting life can be as we were reminded of a young wife, thrown off the 11th storey balcony of a building we drive past most mornings.

Also a few of days ago, the life of a couple with an unborn child who were enjoying an afternoon walk was taken when an out of control vehicle rolled over them.

And yesterday evening a holidaying UK national celebrating a perfect summer evening with his girlfriend on the beach decided to take a swim in the stormy waves that would prove to take their lives.

I wondered about their final thoughts with no-one there to help, no chance of last goodbyes. Were they happy with how they’d celebrated this gift called life or did regret suddenly flood in with no turning back?

I thought of the last hours of this young wife on her last ride up in the elevator to her apartment, unaware that she would soon plunge to her death.

I thought of the couple, who last Christmas had excitedly announced to the family that they were expecting a baby son named Miles and full of joy as they took their last afternoon walk not far from home. And that couple enjoying the cool evening breezes after a very hot day on a beautiful beach with no reason to think about their future.

The girl’s body was found within hours but the man was unaccounted for until the following day when his body was finally recovered.

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As I lay my head on my pillow I looked across to where this man’s body had just been located, my thoughts went to his family who’s every hope that he was still alive had just been dashed. Praying for them I thought of the horrific weeks ahead as they come to terms with the loss of loved one gone way too soon.

These thoughts were still very much in my mind this morning while I captured the beauty of sunrise as waves again rolled into shore. This was the same beach that seemed so inviting to those who’s lives were taken, with no hint of the devastation that had taken place just the day before. And life goes on.

I don’t like to think of how I will die but I’m not fearful of being ‘dead’ because I know this won’t be the end for me. My sadness is in knowing that the confidence I have after death is for everyone and I wonder… Did death open the gates of heaven for these ones or had no-one every told them of the hope that is in Jesus?

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Tomorrow is promised to no one and death came to all these people in an instant. We may not have prior warning that our last day has come. How does that make you feel?

Family, friends, or your treasured pet with so much love to give will not go with us in the end. In death we leave behind everything and everyone we hold dear. The only things that go with is our actions, our choices. What matters most to you?

For each of us there will be either fear and regret or comfort and abiding peace.
Do you have the same assurance as I do of what will happen next? If you are sure you don’t know where you will be going when your time comes, read on.

This life we live here on earth is a gift. It comes with responsibility.
Is your world a better place because you are here? We’re here to bring peace, love and harmony to those around us. We don’t always get it right. We will never get into heaven without Jesus.

There’s only one way to know for sure that heaven is your destination.
We all fail sometimes. That’s why forgiveness is so important. And we, because of our selfishness, can’t do it on our own. That’s why Jesus paid for our guilt when He was nailed to a cross and scoffed at until his last breath.

Though Jesus was guilty of nothing, He suffered the torture and shame to bring us forgiveness and freedom from all the bad we’ve done. Then He rose again to prove He was God and was seen by hundreds of people who watched Him ascend into heaven – historical fact – all so that He had the right to offer us a place in heaven where evil will never prevail, a place with love forever.

You see without our forgiveness and acceptance of Jesus, heaven’s gates will not open to us. Think about it. If everyone got to heaven, heaven would just be earth again with all its darkness, evil and hatred. There needs to be a u turn before the door is opened to you.

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Don’t hesitate too long to decide if this is right for you, tomorrow may never come!

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