Although We Can Never Deserve Such Love, Still God Cares

Posted by Elaine November 29, 2022 at 12:00 AM AEDT

Aware of all my failings, I see the unworthiness in me
But the God of all Creation still says “Rest now, come to me”
“Leave your worries at the cross where I died to make you whole,
Where your sins, past, present, future I’ll forgive and free your soul”

In my faltered steps I wonder, how God sees all that I do,
Yet, He’s shown me again this symbol that His love for me is true.
As I gazed into the heavens a pink rainbow was revealed
Though invisible to others, I saw again ’God’s love is sealed!’

In just a few short moments this wonderful vision went away
This glimpse of heaven I’d captured while others looked the other way.
With most unaware of the splendour that was unfolding up above
That so clearly spoke to me of God’s divine, eternal love.

What I’d captured seemed to me like I’d been sitting on a cloud
Peering in from the sidelines at heaven’s glory, to me so loud.
I was reminded of His promise that there’s much more He’s prepared
For all who take Him seriously so others also know He cares.

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For there’s nothing I could offer that would ever pay the cost
Of His gift of true salvation while we are all still so lost
Nothing could make me worthy, but that’s not what He desires
He just says ‘If you’ll trust me I’ll help you to navigate safely through each fire"

He says: "I’ll forgive you, I’ll protect you and I’ll prepare your heavenly home
A place with love forever, a place to call your own
Your life will find true meaning if you say yes and plan to stay
Then together we’ll share with others, the truth, the life, the only way! Elaine Brook 2022

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