Satan, bite the dust

Posted by Elaine November 01, 2011 at 12:00 AM AEDT

Are you in fear of Satan? The Bible says this to him:

What a comedown this, O Babylon! Daystar! Son of Dawn! Flat on your face in the underworld mud, you, famous for flattening nations!

You said to yourself, “I’ll climb to heaven. I’ll set my throne over the stars of God. I’ll run the assembly of angels that meets on sacred Mount Zaphon. I’ll climb to the top of the clouds. I’ll take over as King of the Universe!” Isaiah 14:12 – 14 MSG

In Proverbs God says – First pride, then the crash – the bigger the ego, the harder the fall. Proverbs 16:18 MSG – continuing, God said …

…. But you didn’t make it, did you? Instead of climbing up, you came down – Down with the underground dead, down to the abyss of the Pit.

People will stare and muse: “Can this be the one Who terrorised earth and its kingdoms, turned earth to a moonscape, Wasted its cities, shut up his prisoners to a living death?” Other kings get a decent burial, honoured with eulogies and placed in a tomb. But you’re dumped in a ditch unburied, like a stray dog or cat, Covered with rotting bodies, murdered and indigent corpses. Your dead body desecrated, mutilated – no state funeral for you! You’ve left your land in ruins, left a legacy of massacre. The progeny of your evil life will never be named. Oblivion!
Isaiah 14:15 – 20 MSG

For the world offers only the lust for physical pleasure, the lust for everything we see, and pride in our possessions. These are not from the Father. They are from this evil world. And this world is fading away, along with everything it craves.

How you have fallen from heaven, you morning star, son of the dawn! How you have been cut down to the ground, you conqueror of nations! Isaiah 14:12 GW

But if you do the will of God, you will live forever. Dear children, the last hour is here. You have heard that the Antichrist is coming and already many such antichrists have appeared. From this we know that the end of the world has come. 1 John 2:16 – 18 MSG

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