Will You Be There?

Posted by Elaine April 01, 2019 at 12:00 AM AEDT

This is a beautiful song about losing someone, wanting them back, but then realising they need to stay in heaven where they are.

Death isn’t the end! Did you know that?
And right now God is preparing Paradise for those who love Him. But not everyone loves Him, will you be there?

I’ve never written a poem before but these thoughts prompted me…

God doesn’t promise the sky will stay blue,
Or that flowers bloom, whatever I do.

But He does send a rainbow after the storm,
To remind us He’s with us when we’re forlorn.

And He collects our tears in the palm of His hand.
His heart is for us though we don’t understand.

His thoughts of us outnumber the sand.
As patiently He waits with an outstretched hand.

Just like the sparrow is safe from harm,
Our life can be always free from alarm.

You see Jesus is waiting ’til we make up our minds,
To accept, or reject Him and stay spiritually blind,

He offers safe guidance through every ordeal,
As He answers our prayers when we take time to kneel.

His plans are perfect, His promises assured.
Our life is secure when call Him our Lord!

We’ll all bow before Him when our life is done
And equally be judged, one by one.

When that big book is opened and our life is laid bare
Will you finally be rewarded and free from all care?

Will you be jubilant as He opens the door?
Or will you be silent wishing you’d done more?

When you finally learn all He said was true
And you know its too late to alter your view.

Heaven, sadly, will not be your home
If you refect this great love that could still be your own.

Not believing won’t free you from all that’s to come
Choose what you’ll do with the death of His Son

But right now this moment, it’s not too late
Will you accept that He loves you and alter your fate?

Won’t you accept the love of His Son
Who’ll be ready to welcome us, saying ‘Well done!’

I’m looking for that when I stand by His throne
And I’ll do what He asks as a child of His own.

A heavenly mansion awaits all who endure
With beauty beyond all that our minds can secure

And reunited with loved ones who accepted His call,
We’ll bask in His glory together with all.

So stand up for Jesus whatever the cost,
And share about Him with a world that is lost. Elaine Brook

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I’m really looking forward to seeing again my loved ones who have gone before. How about you, will you be there? How can you know for sure?

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