Rise Up And Fight!

Posted by Elaine April 14, 2019 at 12:00 AM AEST

What does it mean, this time off for Easter as our world gets darker, systematically rejecting everything Godly?
Do you enjoy the treats then move on with no thought
Of the sacrifice made, your redemption sought?
If all said about Jesus is just fake news, why Easter holidays I ask you?

If all that’s said about Jesus is true,
What will He one day say to you?
If you wait ’til the end to discover His son
It will then be too late, with your judgement to come.

It’s not yet too late to consider His plan
To walk lovingly with Jesus hand in hand
Life everlasting His sacrifice meant
When down from heaven He was sent
But to enjoy all He’s done for you
You must first come believing His promise is true.

These words help explain what’s to come
When we one day stand before God’s Son. Elaine Brook

Last time I came, I came as a lamb
I humbled myself and I walked as a man

But this time I’ll come as a mighty lion
And I call on my church to have a backbone of iron

I will move by My Spirit and cause you to pray
You shall pull down the strongholds that stand in the way

For I am raising up a people never seen before
Equipping My soldiers for the final war.

The battle won’t be fought with ammunition
But with songs of praise you will take your position

Your ears will be tuned to the captain’s command
You will take over cities, you will march through the land

Men women and children will take their stand
All colours, all races will walk hand in hand

This army will be filled with the Holy Ghost
And their Commander in Chief is the Lord of Hosts

Everyone marching in one accord
All in this army sold out to the Lord
All with their eyes on the Crucified One
And everyone moving in unison – Author Unknown

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These following thoughts were penned after reading that poem…
Written by someone – Author Unknown:

EASTER, for me, isn’t about bunnies and buns,
But the end of the world, and our love for God’s Son!

Though this world’s become dark it’s according to plan
God has placed a strong delusion over the land.

Our connection to Him will determine our plight!
Jesus needs us to be ready to fight!

If you are a Christian your rest is assured,
But what about those who don’t know our Lord?

The Bible is clear that He’s coming again,
Will loved ones be with you when this world ends?

Sometimes prayer is all we have left
But prayer says we trust Him and that’s what .

It is I, the Eternal One, who probes the innermost heart and examines the innermost thoughts.
I will compensate each person justly, according to his ways and by what his actions deserve. Jeremiah 17:10