These are the events leading up to Jesus' death

Posted by Elaine April 12, 2014 at 12:00 AM AEST

When Jesus began to declare who He was and to heal people and bring people back to life, the people were amazed and started to follow Him, but many soon turned against Him again.

His coming was predicted in the Old Testament, but when Jesus started to reveal who He was and to heal people and raise Lazarus back to life, the people were amazed and wanted to follow Him, but the religious leaders of the day believed He was an fraud. And soon many of these people who amazed at His miracles began to turn against Him.

This video cleverly brings the events into a format we can understand today, describing the way things were on the lead up to when Jesus was crucified as told by those who knew Him personally.

Will you choose to believe and receive the truth, or will you reject God and push away His love? Heaven or Hell? Which will you choose?

God will never force Himself upon you. He loves you too much to make you do anything. He could, but He won’t. He’ll protect your choice to go to Heaven, just as He will protect your choice to make Hell your final home. Make no mistake, it’s your decision and nobody can make it for you. Jesse Duplantis

Now its up to you, so will you follow Jesus?

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