Who Was Barabbas?

Posted by Elaine March 31, 2018 at 12:00 AM AEDT

As our world tumbles further into chaos its more important than ever that we understand the love of Jesus.

Barabbas is a boy’s name that means “son of the father”. Barabbas’s origin is Aramaic.

In Matthew 27:16, Barabbas was called a “notorious prisoner.”

Pilate gave the Jews a choice between Jesus and Barabbas. But did you know that Barabbas’ first name was also Jesus? This detail isn’t … Not only was Barabbas’s first name Jesus, but his last name, Barabbas, means son (bar) of the father (abba). ….. You don’t mean just the ten commandments.

Barabbas’s name appears as bar-Abbas in the Greek texts of the gospels. It is derived ultimately from the Aramaic בר-אבא, Bar-abbâ, “son of the father”. Some ancient manuscripts of Matthew 27:16–17 have the full name of Barabbas as “Jesus Barabbas” and this was probably the name as originally written in the text.
Barabbas – Wikipedia

Barabbas was in prison for starting an insurrection in Jerusalem against the government, and for murder Luke 23:19 MSG

Jesus was crucified though Pilot believed He was innocent and his wife warned him not to hurt Jesus:
While court was still in session, Pilate’s wife sent him a message: “Don’t get mixed up in judging this noble man. I’ve just been through a long and troubled night because of a dream about him.”
But the Jews were so bent on the death of Jesus that they demanded that Barabbas should be pardoned Matthew 27:16-26 MSG

Those who loved and followed Jesus, his close friends testified about Him after He had been crucified: You didn’t want him freed—this holy, righteous one. Instead you demanded the release of a murderer.

When Peter saw he had a congregation, he addressed the people:

“Oh, Israelites, why does this take you by such complete surprise, and why stare at us as if our power or piety made him walk? The God of Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, the God of our ancestors, has glorified his Son Jesus. The very One that Pilate called innocent, you repudiated. You repudiated the Holy One, the Just One, and asked for a murderer in his place. You no sooner killed the Author of Life than God raised him from the dead—and we’re the witnesses. Faith in Jesus’ name put this man, whose condition you know so well, on his feet—yes, faith and nothing but faith put this man healed and whole right before your eyes. Acts 3:14 MSG

It was all along God’s plan that Jesus would be sacrificed and Barabbas would go free!
Jesus, in going to the cross knew that God would have to turn Jesus into Barabbas so that He could treat Barabbas like Jesus!

Who is Barabbas? That’s you, that’s me.
Pilot made the decision for Jesus to be crucified but all along it was God’s plan that Jesus to be crucified so our sins so that we could receive forgiveness from our sins.

Jesus is enough and He’s only a prayer away!

If you care, please share and help bring light to our increasingly dark world for Jesus sake – Amen
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