Ready To Meet Your Maker?

Posted by Elaine May 10, 2019 at 12:00 AM AEST

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In unfamiliar territory, I searched to find a suitable vantage point to capture the beauty of sunrise with the sky already changing around me. Then I happened upon this stately old heritage-listed railway station first opened in September 1879. With the overhead Mother’s Bridge added in 1936 providing a lofty view, this was the perfect place to capture such beauty just before the sun emerged from the rooftops at Wagga Wagga NSW, Au. That’s how my day began.

It was Easter Sunday, the season when I always put my own stuff aside to focus on and be grateful for the sacrifice Jesus made on a cross, then rising again with His resurrection to heaven so that I could be free! To celebrate what He did is the least I can do because without His sacrifice there’d be no hope for me!

But on this particular Easter Sunday, being alone in unfamiliar surroundings with my focus on family wedding activities, my stop to remember was lacking. I missed being unable to join my friends in celebrating all that was Easter for me.

Now with the wedding ceremony concluded I was free to return home.

However, I hadn’t driven anywhere for years, in fact, with my partner usually in the driver’s seat I rarely drove anywhere. But this time I was on my own and it was time to begin that arduous 14 hour drive home.

Being mindful of the need to be careful while driving over the Easter Long Weekend where so many accidents occur each year, my nerves were on edge. Still exhausted after being unwell for a couple of days with broken sleep, driving anywhere was the last thing I wanted to do.

Beginning my journey, as is my usual practice, I asked God firstly to keep me awake and free from danger as I drove home. Committing my safety to Him brought peace and calm to my heart. I was no longer alone on this gorgeous sunny Autumn day with perfect driving conditions ahead.

As I soaked up the beauty my thoughts returned to this being Easter Sunday and the thought struck me! This Jesus that many were celebrating was right with me as He always is. He was listening to me, this one they crucified on a cross, answering my request of safety!

It made me laugh when I thought about it. How could He have heard my prayer if He was dead in a grave?

At Easter we remember His sacrifice on a cross but death isn’t the end, He rose again! He’s alive! He’d just answered the prayer I spoke to Him this morning. I’ve known this all my life! His eternal presence was right with me at that moment, bringing joy as I reflected on such a practical right here right now reminder that all He promises is truth!

While some celebrated in Church this day, others enjoyed time off work, with Easter treats bought from the supermarket that bare no connection to Him, but I was basking in the joy of His tangible presence right with me inside my car! Though I’d been distracted by other things, still He was there with me!


Sung by Pacific Gas and Electric from 1970 this song portrays the coming of Jesus to restore all things and presents the question to the listener; “ARE YOU READY

Written so long ago, these words from Jesus still reflect western society today!

But Jesus, from words written so long ago, still wants us to know this:
“I’m not interested in crowd approval. And do you know why? Because I know you and your crowds. I know that love, especially God’s love, is not on your working agenda. I came with the authority of my Father, and you either dismiss me or avoid me. If another came, acting self-important, you would welcome him with open arms. How do you expect to get anywhere with God when you spend all your time jockeying for position with each other, ranking your rivals and ignoring God? John 5:44 The Message

And what is God’s “living message”? It is the revelation of faith for salvation,[a] which is the message that we preach. For if you publicly declare with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will experience salvation. Romans 10:9 TPT