7 Facts About Jesus

Posted by Elaine March 05, 2023 at 12:00 AM AEDT

My Messiah, Redeemer, Master, Friend and Coming King
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Some say He was a prophet but can a prophet raise the dead?
Or divide 5 small loaves and fishes so that multitudes are fed?
Can a prophet command a long time cripple to rise up and begin to walk?
Or turn water into the finest wine that cause the wedding guests to talk?

Can a prophet heal a leper who was cast out into the street?
Or dispel a legion of demons from a man in utter defeat?
Has anyone but Jesus as young child confounded pious religious leaders so,
With His knowledge of their Scriptures that he wasn’t supposed to know?

Has another god or diety commanded the wind and waves ‘Be still’?
Or walked across the water without sinking, at His will?
Then to ascend into the heavens after so many saw Him die,
with a promise He’ll one day return and every eye will see Him in the sky?

This Christmas that we celebrate is not about gifts we buy,
But about the God of all creation who sent His only Son to die;
So that we can be set free from cares and sorrows held within,
and accept undeserved salvation along with forgiveness for our sin.

You see the true meaning of Christmas is that we accept His redeeming way,
A way to live without the fears that so often cloud our day,
To take the path God planned for us we were always meant to tread
And to live in sweet communion with Him, free from all that others dread.

Heaven’s eternal home is for those who choose to go God’s way,
Not for everyone who dies, after they’ve lived their kindest way.
Today’s the day to decide if you’ll accept His Christmas gift
And spend Eternity with God in Heaven within His never ending bliss.

That Jesus walked this earth is a fact of history, yes, it’s true!
That He’s the only One with an empty tomb should speak volumes to you.
Many testified that He should die on a cruel cross that day
But then many watched Him ascend after His grave’s stone rolled away.

But the fact that our debt was paid in full when Jesus hung on that cross,
Is a wasted sacrifice for you, if you never decide you’re lost!
He’s real and He’s never far from you, He’s just a prayer away.
If you decide to confess you need Him, that’s when with you He’ll forever stay. Elaine Brook 2022