Why is it so?

Posted by Elaine December 21, 2024 at 12:00 AM AEDT

I loved hearing Professor Sumna Miller with his wavering voice with his forefinger pointed upwards ask ‘Why is it so?’ that always made us think. What a great question!
With current world events so bold in the media right now, people are again asking this question.

I remember Christmas being a time to celebrate, to worship and honour Jesus for coming to free us from the guilt of all we’ve ever done wrong – the first and most perfect Christmas gift.

I remember the magic of carolling around our neighbourhood and being so thankful for that one or two gifts that were placed for me under the tree.

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Why is it so?
I thought of his question again this morning as I thought about the way Jesus has been systematically removed from all remembrance, as our world slips further into decline when He came to save us from all of that.

Again I wondered…
if He wasn’t truly the Son of God, why did our calendar dates change from BC, or before Christ to AD, or Anno Domini – the year of our Lord, after Jesus was born?

And why did Kings from foreign lands know He was the coming Messiah enough to travel long distances to offer gifts to Him when there was no internet or mobile phones or any other means for them to know that He’d been born if He wasn’t sent from God?

When King Herod, the tyrant King of that time heard about His birth, why did He decree that all baby boys be killed to stop any threat that he might bo one day dethroned by another. He clearly believed this baby was come to fulfil His destiny of becoming the greatest King the world will ever know!

How, while still a young boy, did Jesus astound the religious leaders with His knowledge of their Holy Scriptures? How did He have such knowledge that outweighed their scripture understanding?

Have you heard of any man who walked on water or who with just the sound of His voice calmed a raging sea?

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And from the age of 30:

How did He heal a blind man, or heal people cripple from birth by saying rise up and walk to them?

How did just touching the hem of His garment heal a woman with enough faith to believe in Him?

How did He turn barrels of water into wine, not just any wine but the best wine at a wedding feast?

How did Jesus cast out demons and set people free if He was just a mere mortal?

How did Jesus multiply a boys lunch of two loaves and five fishes to feed over 5000 people with leftovers enough to fill 12 baskets if He was nothing but an ordinary man?

How did a man be healed, simply after bathing 7 times in water when Jesus told him to do?

How did Lazarus who had been dead for several days and was beginning to smell, come back to life in obedience to the voice of Jesus?

Why have Christmas celebrations removed all reference to Him if He was so insignificant, but still go to massive debt to give gifts representing His birth, when He still sends us a reminder that He loves us every morning at dawn, like these photos I was blessed to capture on December 16 this year?

It doesn’t fit with our comprehension that an immaculate conception from a virgin would produce a baby Saviour that would grow up and then give us undeserved eternal life so we can go free, does it. But does it make sense that the only One who will ever make all oppression cease be dismissed because we don’t get it?
But when we come as a child, trusting that He is the Son of God, and start to believes in all that is represented at Christmas, we finally see that every promise He makes is true, that He is trustworthy, faithful, beyond reproach and loves us in a way we will never deserve.

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So why not begin to try to trust Him without reservation?
I can personally testify that after 60 years of serving Him as my Lord and Saviour, that all He promises is true and I would die rather than give up my allegiance to Him!

Jesus’ work is finished, there’s nothing left for Him to do!
It’s now up to us to believe or not believe. To accept or to reject His offer of love, forgiveness, redemption, salvation and eternal life with Him in a heaven with beauty we can only imagine.

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So from to you, may you have a joyful time with your loved ones this Christmas and may you experience a peaceful 2024 as you begin to comprehend what a personal relationship with the King of Kings can mean to you.

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